Owlboy Review

owlboy-free-downloadOwlboy is one of the best PC games that will take you on a phenomenal adventure with amazing story and interesting characters. Owlboy is a game developed by D-Pad Studio and its genre is action and adventure. Owlboy is rated E according to ESRB and it was released in November 2016. This adventure has really set the bar very high and it took 10 years in the making to bring you this amazing game. The developers at D-Pad Studios have been busy over this long period of production. There are many risks when a game takes such a long time in devolvement stage as the technology changes along with the taste of games changes for most players. Owlboy has been able to overcome all these challenges and they have really surprised all the payers. Owlboy features amazing characters that undergo actual development and that is amazing to see in a PC game.


Owlboy is well polished and it is absolutely stunning game that will give you the experience of your lifetime. When you are playing Owlboy, you will be amazed by some of the diverse landscapes and soon after you will feel hooked to Owlboy in no time as it takes you on an adventure like none other. The story of Owlboy revolves around young Otus, an owl who finds himself in an apocalyptic world with robot pirates, spider-men, ancient owl society. In the beginning, you might fight the story nothing special but do not let that stop you from continuing on this journey and soon you will feel hooked. Everything in Owlboy has been handled with a lot of care to the details. Years of wait has paid off for D-Pad Studios who have created something special with all of their hard work. Overall, this is a complete package and is one of the best game that will keep you on the edge of you seat.

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