Titanfall 2 Review

71hkozezq7l-_ac_sl1000_When the first edition of Titanfall was released, it received mostly positive reviews from players across the planet. Titanfall 2 is about special bond between a man and a machine. Titanfall 2 is a game developed by Respawn Entertainment and its genre is action. Titanfall is M according to ESRB and it was released in October 2016. The new edition is taken it to the next level and we should be exited for what is to come from this franchise in the future. Titanfall 2 is all about wall-running, submachine guns and massive mechanized death machine. In the sequel, you will get to see a much more polished game but at the same time it has taken all the positives from the first Titanfall. In the world of Titanfall 2, the things are simple, there is an evil empire that wants to rule the galaxy and there is rebellion that is fighting them.

Action Packed Gameplay
Action Packed Gameplay

Empire has the numbers and they have the weapons but that does not stop our heroes to stand up for what they believe in. The story in Titanfall 2 revolves around the main character named Rifleman Cooper, who has started his training to make his dreams come true by becoming a pilot. Pilots can be very deadly as they are able to kill many foes on the battlefield. When you are playing Titanfall 2, there will be many moments that will blow your mind and make you think about all the hard work that has gone in to making an amazing game like Titanfall 2. Things are kind of complicated for our hero Cooper, his regiment was stranded on some planet in galaxy and his mentor has just died leaving him in charge of the regiment. What he does from here will decide the fate of many. Overall, this is a fast and furious game and a complete package that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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